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Sisal Poufs



Product type
Sold outSisal Pouf 45cm / NaturalSisal Pouf 45cm / Natural
Sisal Pouf 45cm / Natural Sale price$199.00
Sisal Pouf 60cm / CharcoalSisal Pouf 60cm / Charcoal
Sisal Pouf 60cm / Charcoal Sale price$289.00
Sold outSisal Pouf 60cm / NaturalSisal Pouf 60cm / Natural
Sisal Pouf 60cm / Natural Sale price$289.00
Sold outSisal Pouf 80cm / CharcoalSisal Pouf 80cm / Charcoal
Sisal Pouf 80cm / Charcoal Sale price$369.00
Sisal Pouf 80cm / NaturalSisal Pouf 80cm / Natural
Sisal Pouf 80cm / Natural Sale price$369.00
Sisal Square Pouf 45cm / BlackSisal Square Pouf 45cm / Black
Sisal Square Pouf 45cm / BleechSisal Square Pouf 45cm / Bleech
Sisal Square Pouf 45cm / NaturalSisal Square Pouf 45cm / Natural
Sisal Square Pouf 80cm / BleechSisal Square Pouf 80cm / Bleech
Sisal Square Pouf 80cm / NaturalSisal Square Pouf 80cm / Natural