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Tama Stool / NaturalTama Stool / Natural
Tama Stool / Natural Sale price$649.00
Tama Stool / BlackTama Stool / Black
Tama Stool / Black Sale price$649.00
Tama High Stool / NaturalTama High Stool / Natural
Tama High Stool / Natural Sale price$729.00
Tama High Stool / BlackTama High Stool / Black
Tama High Stool / Black Sale price$729.00
Nala Stool / NaturalNala Stool / Natural
Nala Stool / Natural Sale price$689.00
Nala Stool / BlackNala Stool / Black
Nala Stool / Black Sale price$689.00
Nala High Stool / NaturalNala High Stool / Natural
Nala High Stool / Natural Sale price$729.00
Nala High Stool / BlackNala High Stool / Black
Nala High Stool / Black Sale price$729.00
Ravi High Stool / Dark TeakRavi High Stool / Dark Teak
Ravi High Stool / Dark Teak Sale price$289.00
Nara Stool / BlackNara Stool / Black
Nara Stool / Black Sale price$399.00
Yuki Low Bench / NaturalYuki Low Bench / Natural
Yuki Low Bench / Natural Sale price$289.00
Nara Stool / WhiteNara Stool / White
Nara Stool / White Sale price$399.00
Sold outKatie Teak Stool / Small / NaturalKatie Teak Stool / Small / Natural
Katie Teak Stool / Small / Natural Sale price$110.00 Regular price$219.00
Fred Stone Stool / BoneFred Stone Stool / Bone
Fred Stone Stool / Bone Sale price$399.00
Sabi Bar Stool / NaturalSabi Bar Stool / Natural
Sabi Bar Stool / Natural Sale price$219.00
Yuki Low Bench / BlackYuki Low Bench / Black
Yuki Low Bench / Black Sale price$289.00
On sale Katie Teak Stool / Medium / BlackKatie Teak Stool / Medium / Black
Katie Teak Stool / Medium / Black Sale price$129.00 Regular price$259.00
Parq Stool / BlackParq Stool / Black
Parq Stool / Black Sale price$360.00
Lia Stool / BoneLia Stool / Bone
Lia Stool / Bone Sale price$399.00
Fred Stone Stool / CharcoalFred Stone Stool / Charcoal
Fred Stone Stool / Charcoal Sale price$399.00
Frankie Stone Stool / BoneFrankie Stone Stool / Bone
Frankie Stone Stool / Bone Sale price$399.00
On sale Katie Teak Stool / Medium / NaturalKatie Teak Stool / Medium / Natural
Katie Teak Stool / Medium / Natural Sale price$129.00 Regular price$259.00
Sold outEtta Stool / CreamEtta Stool / Cream
Etta Stool / Cream Sale price$429.00
Organic Stool SOrganic Stool S
Organic Stool S Sale price$389.00
Sabi Low Stool / CharcoalSabi Low Stool / Charcoal
Sabi Low Stool / Charcoal Sale price$189.00
Sabi Low Stool / NaturalSabi Low Stool / Natural
Sabi Low Stool / Natural Sale price$189.00
Lia Stool / CharcoalLia Stool / Charcoal
Lia Stool / Charcoal Sale price$399.00
Mini Frankie Stone Stool / BoneMini Frankie Stone Stool / Bone
On sale Nara Stool / Grey TerrazoNara Stool / Grey Terrazo
Nara Stool / Grey Terrazo Sale price$199.00 Regular price$279.00
Sold outKatie Teak Stool / Small / BlackKatie Teak Stool / Small / Black
Katie Teak Stool / Small / Black Sale price$110.00 Regular price$219.00
On sale Katie Teak Stool / Large / NaturalKatie Teak Stool / Large / Natural
Katie Teak Stool / Large / Natural Sale price$149.00 Regular price$289.00
Village High Stool / Dark TeakVillage High Stool / Dark Teak
Sold outJoel Rustic Stool / Dark TeakJoel Rustic Stool / Dark Teak
Joel Rustic Stool / NaturalJoel Rustic Stool / Natural
Joel Rustic Stool / Natural Sale price$229.00
Bapak Stool 45cm / Dark TeakBapak Stool 45cm / Dark Teak
Bapak Low Stool / Dark TeakBapak Low Stool / Dark Teak
Bapak Low Stool / Dark Teak Sale price$139.00
Bapak Mini Stool / Dark TeakBapak Mini Stool / Dark Teak
Bapak Stool 45cm / NaturalBapak Stool 45cm / Natural
Bapak Stool 45cm / Natural Sale price$199.00
Bapak Low Stool / NaturalBapak Low Stool / Natural
Bapak Low Stool / Natural Sale price$139.00
Glide Low Stool / BlackGlide Low Stool / Black
Glide Low Stool / Black Sale price$459.00
Sold outGlide Low Stool / NaturalGlide Low Stool / Natural
Glide Low Stool / Natural Sale price$459.00
Tua BoxTua Box
Tua Box Sale price$299.00
Zuri Stool / BlackZuri Stool / Black
Zuri Stool / Black Sale price$319.00
Zuri Stool / Dark TeakZuri Stool / Dark Teak
Zuri Stool / Dark Teak Sale price$319.00
Ravi Stool / Dark TeakRavi Stool / Dark Teak
Ravi Stool / Dark Teak Sale price$229.00
Rustic Triangle Stool 65cm / Dark TeakRustic Triangle Stool 65cm / Dark Teak
Rustic Triangle Stool 45cm / Dark TeakRustic Triangle Stool 45cm / Dark Teak
Rustic Triangle Stool Low / Dark TeakRustic Triangle Stool Low / Dark Teak