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Fiorella Candle
Fiorella Candle Sale price$20.00
Ziggy CandleZiggy Candle
Ziggy Candle Sale price$20.00
Ocean CandleOcean Candle
Ocean Candle Sale price$20.00
Roman Pillar Candle Small
Roman Pillar Candle Small Sale price$20.00
Roman Pillar Candle Medium
Roman Pillar Candle Large
Roman Pillar Candle Large Sale price$40.00
Castiel CandleCastiel Candle
Castiel Candle Sale price$35.00
August CandleAugust Candle
August Candle Sale price$35.00
Gabriel CandleGabriel Candle
Gabriel Candle Sale price$40.00
Ophelia CandleOphelia Candle
Ophelia Candle Sale price$40.00
Sold outCascade Candle HolderCascade Candle Holder
Cascade Candle Holder Sale price$49.00
RESTORE CANDLE Rēmana & Orange BlossomRESTORE CANDLE Rēmana & Orange Blossom
Burj Candle Holder / BrownBurj Candle Holder / Brown
Burj Candle Holder / CashmereBurj Candle Holder / Cashmere
Burj Candle Holder / GreyBurj Candle Holder / Grey
Burj Candle Holder / Grey Sale price$25.00
Kayu Signature Scent Gift BagKayu Signature Scent Gift Bag
Stoneware Candle Holder / Glazed Off WhiteStoneware Candle Holder / Glazed Off White
On sale Stoneware Candle Holder / BrickStoneware Candle Holder / Brick
Stoneware Candle Holder / Brick Sale price$49.00 Regular price$85.00
KAYU Signature Room SprayKAYU Signature Room Spray
KAYU Signature Room Spray Sale price$30.00
KAYU Signature Incense SticksKAYU Signature Incense Sticks
KAYU Signature Scented Candle 90gKAYU Signature Scented Candle 90g
Lone Pillar Candle / White
Mira Candle / WhiteMira Candle / White
Mira Candle / White Sale price$60.00
Entanglement Candle / WhiteEntanglement Candle / White
Helix Pillar Candle Tall / WhiteHelix Pillar Candle Tall / White
Palm Candle / White
Palm Candle / White Sale price$50.00