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The Glide Collection



Product type
Sold outGlide Dining Table 200 / NaturalGlide Dining Table 200 / Natural
Glide Low Stool / NaturalGlide Low Stool / Natural
Glide Low Stool / Natural Sale price$459.00
Glide Bench 180 / NaturalGlide Bench 180 / Natural
Glide Bench 180 / Natural Sale price$1,289.00
Glide Dining Chair / Natural LoomGlide Dining Chair / Natural Loom
Glide Dining Chair / NaturalGlide Dining Chair / Natural
Glide Dining Table 200 / BlackGlide Dining Table 200 / Black
Glide Dining Table 200 / Black Sale price$2,898.00
Glide Dining Chair / Black LoomGlide Dining Chair / Black Loom
Glide Dining Chair / BlackGlide Dining Chair / Black
Glide Dining Chair / Black Sale price$689.00
Glide Low Stool / BlackGlide Low Stool / Black
Glide Low Stool / Black Sale price$459.00
Glide Bench 180 / BlackGlide Bench 180 / Black
Glide Bench 180 / Black Sale price$1,289.00
Glide Queen Bed Base / NaturalGlide Queen Bed Base / Natural
Glide Queen Bed Base / Natural Sale price$3,899.00
Sold outGlide King Bed Base / NaturalGlide King Bed Base / Natural
Glide King Bed Base / Natural Sale price$3,999.00
Glide Bedside TableGlide Bedside Table
Glide Bedside Table Sale price$989.00
Glide DresserGlide Dresser
Glide Dresser Sale price$4,289.00
Glide Bar Stool / NaturalGlide Bar Stool / Natural
Glide Bar Stool / Natural Sale price$689.00
Glide Luxe Bar Stool / NaturalGlide Luxe Bar Stool / Natural
Glide Bar Stool / BlackGlide Bar Stool / Black
Glide Bar Stool / Black Sale price$689.00
Glide Luxe Bar Stool / BlackGlide Luxe Bar Stool / Black