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Sisal Square Pouf 45cm / NaturalSisal Square Pouf 45cm / Natural
Sisal Square Pouf 80cm / BleechSisal Square Pouf 80cm / Bleech
Sisal Square Pouf 80cm / NaturalSisal Square Pouf 80cm / Natural
Sold outSisal Pouf 45cm / NaturalSisal Pouf 45cm / Natural
Sisal Pouf 45cm / Natural Sale price$199.00
Sold outSisal Pouf 80cm / CharcoalSisal Pouf 80cm / Charcoal
Sisal Pouf 80cm / Charcoal Sale price$369.00
Sisal Pouf 80cm / NaturalSisal Pouf 80cm / Natural
Sisal Pouf 80cm / Natural Sale price$369.00
Nova Stump / BlackNova Stump / Black
Nova Stump / Black Sale price$469.00
Nova Stump / WalnutNova Stump / Walnut
Nova Stump / Walnut Sale price$469.00
Zai Stump / BlackZai Stump / Black
Zai Stump / Black Sale price$469.00
Zai StumpZai Stump
Zai Stump Sale price$469.00
Luna Stump / BlackLuna Stump / Black
Luna Stump / Black Sale price$469.00
Luna StumpLuna Stump
Luna Stump Sale price$469.00
Jax Stump / BlackJax Stump / Black
Jax Stump / Black Sale price$469.00
Jax StumpJax Stump
Jax Stump Sale price$469.00
Koa Stool / BlackKoa Stool / Black
Koa Stool / Black Sale price$469.00
Koa StoolKoa Stool
Koa Stool Sale price$469.00
Organic Stool L / BlackOrganic Stool L / Black
Organic Stool L / Black Sale price$469.00
Organic Stool LOrganic Stool L
Organic Stool L Sale price$469.00
Organic Stool S / BlackOrganic Stool S / Black
Organic Stool S / Black Sale price$389.00
Organic Stool SOrganic Stool S
Organic Stool S Sale price$389.00
Tavi Stool / BlackTavi Stool / Black
Tavi Stool / Black Sale price$469.00
Tavi StoolTavi Stool
Tavi Stool Sale price$469.00
Toppu Mini Bowl / Clay StripeToppu Mini Bowl / Clay Stripe
Toppu Tray / Clay StripeToppu Tray / Clay Stripe
Toppu Tray / Clay Stripe Sale price$155.00
Maliah PotMaliah Pot
Maliah Pot Sale price$89.00
Textured Cement PotTextured Cement Pot
Textured Cement Pot Sale price$169.00
Sold outCascade Candle HolderCascade Candle Holder
Cascade Candle Holder Sale price$49.00
Sahara VaseSahara Vase
Sahara Vase Sale price$55.00
Glazed Stoneware MugGlazed Stoneware Mug
Glazed Stoneware Mug Sale price$19.95
Paperbag Glass VasePaperbag Glass Vase
Paperbag Glass Vase Sale price$79.00
Rustic Ceramic Vase with HandlesRustic Ceramic Vase with Handles
Louisiana Baskets / Set of 3Louisiana Baskets / Set of 3
Namib BowlNamib Bowl
Namib Bowl Sale price$45.00
Namib VaseNamib Vase
Namib Vase Sale price$69.00
Dobi VaseDobi Vase
Dobi Vase Sale price$55.00
Mojave VaseMojave Vase
Mojave Vase Sale price$55.00
Glazed Stoneware TeapotGlazed Stoneware Teapot
Glazed Stoneware Teapot Sale price$65.00
Rustic Ribbed VaseRustic Ribbed Vase
Rustic Ribbed Vase Sale price$329.00
Sustainable HomeSustainable Home
Sustainable Home Sale price$39.95
Wabi Sabi HomeWabi Sabi Home
Wabi Sabi Home Sale price$49.95
Kinfolk IslandsKinfolk Islands
Kinfolk Islands Sale price$115.00
Tama High Stool / BlackTama High Stool / Black
Tama High Stool / Black Sale price$729.00
Tama High Stool / NaturalTama High Stool / Natural
Tama High Stool / Natural Sale price$729.00
Travertine Round Tray Small / BeigeTravertine Round Tray Small / Beige
Travertine Round Tray Medium / BeigeTravertine Round Tray Medium / Beige
Onyx Round Tray/ YellowOnyx Round Tray/ Yellow
Onyx Round Tray/ Yellow Sale price$129.00
Marble Round Tray / BeigeMarble Round Tray / Beige
Marble Round Tray / Beige Sale price$119.00
Marble Tray Round / CreamMarble Tray Round / Cream
Marble Tray Round / Cream Sale price$95.00