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Bowls, Plates & Trays



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Sold outNuru Marble Bowl / GreyNuru Marble Bowl / Grey
Nuru Marble Bowl / Grey Sale price$175.00
Nuru Marble Bowl / Pink TaupeNuru Marble Bowl / Pink Taupe
Nuru Marble Bowl / BlackNuru Marble Bowl / Black
Nuru Marble Bowl / Black Sale price$175.00
Nuru Marble Bowl / CreamNuru Marble Bowl / Cream
Nuru Marble Bowl / Cream Sale price$175.00
Koji Marble Bowl / BlackKoji Marble Bowl / Black
Koji Marble Bowl / Black Sale price$199.00
Koji Marble Bowl / CreamKoji Marble Bowl / Cream
Koji Marble Bowl / Cream Sale price$199.00
Koji Marble Bowl / Pink TaupeKoji Marble Bowl / Pink Taupe
Koji Marble Bowl / GreyKoji Marble Bowl / Grey
Koji Marble Bowl / Grey Sale price$199.00
Terra Nesting Bowls Set Of 3Terra Nesting Bowls Set Of 3
Sold outEka Marble Tray / BlackEka Marble Tray / Black
Eka Marble Tray / Black Sale price$95.00
Oro Onyx Tray / AmberOro Onyx Tray / Amber
Oro Onyx Tray / Amber Sale price$119.00
Oro Marble Tray / CreamOro Marble Tray / Cream
Oro Marble Tray / Cream Sale price$95.00
Eka Marble Tray / Pink TaupeEka Marble Tray / Pink Taupe
Sold outEka Marble Tray / CreamEka Marble Tray / Cream
Eka Marble Tray / Cream Sale price$95.00
Sold outOro Onyx Tray / GreyOro Onyx Tray / Grey
Oro Onyx Tray / Grey Sale price$119.00
Marble Tray 15cm / BlackMarble Tray 15cm / Black
Marble Tray 15cm / Black Sale price$45.00
Marble Tray 15cm / CreamMarble Tray 15cm / Cream
Marble Tray 15cm / Cream Sale price$45.00
Cararra Marble TrayCararra Marble Tray
Cararra Marble Tray Sale price$125.00
Sold outGanda Extra Large Teak BowlGanda Extra Large Teak Bowl
Ganda Extra Large Teak Bowl Sale price$199.00
Round Teak Tray / 40Round Teak Tray / 40
Round Teak Tray / 40 Sale price$139.00
Round Teak Tray / 50Round Teak Tray / 50
Round Teak Tray / 50 Sale price$189.00
Dual Teak Bowl / LowDual Teak Bowl / Low
Dual Teak Bowl / Low Sale price$89.00
Dual Teak Bowl / HighDual Teak Bowl / High
Dual Teak Bowl / High Sale price$149.00
Tamaris Teak Bowl / 16Tamaris Teak Bowl / 16
Tamaris Teak Bowl / 16 Sale price$39.00
Contrast Teak Bowl / SmallContrast Teak Bowl / Small
Tamaris Teak Bowl / 26Tamaris Teak Bowl / 26
Tamaris Teak Bowl / 26 Sale price$98.00
Contrast Teak Bowl / LargeContrast Teak Bowl / Large
Contrast Teak Bowl / Large Sale price$209.00
Large Marble BowlLarge Marble Bowl
Large Marble Bowl Sale price$189.00
Anya Marble BowlAnya Marble Bowl
Anya Marble Bowl Sale price$219.00
Ayu Marble BowlAyu Marble Bowl
Ayu Marble Bowl Sale price$199.00
Namib BowlNamib Bowl
Namib Bowl Sale price$45.00
Onyx Round Tray / YellowOnyx Round Tray / Yellow
Onyx Round Tray / Yellow Sale price$129.00
Sold outRustic Square Wooden Tray / MediumRustic Square Wooden Tray / Medium
Sold outRustic Square Wooden Tray / LargeRustic Square Wooden Tray / Large
Rustic Square Wooden Tray / SmallRustic Square Wooden Tray / Small
Sold outRustic Round Wooden Tray / MediumRustic Round Wooden Tray / Medium
Rustic Round Wooden Tray / LargeRustic Round Wooden Tray / Large
Rustic Round Wooden Tray / SmallRustic Round Wooden Tray / Small