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Infinite Wonder / Original Artwork By Michelle Wilkin

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Infinite Wonder Original Artwork By Michelle Wilkin

'Bird Song' is a collection of original framed fine artworks.
At a time when we are all seeking necessary moments of still in a loud and overly scheduled world, this series quietly provides the answer.

Inspired by the calming influence nature has on our moods, each piece captures a moment in time and invites the beauty of the outside world into our homes and private spaces. Taking on a different tone, or abstract expression, every time you look at it.

Using fluid layers of harmonious colour tones to build depth, these pieces provide a place of reprieve – to take pause and to suspend time. A space without clutter, judgement, and noise. Offering a quiet solitude to sink into your thoughts, seek fresh perspective and give life to your ideas.

Michelle is a minimalist with a personal love of modern design and architecture, this series was created with these spaces in mind.

Acrylic on raw canvas, framed with a blonde natural wood float frame.

Series: Bird Song
Year: 2023

Canvas: 600mm x 600mm
Framed: 640mm x 640mm

Professional grade acrylic paints, and my signature fluid effect was achieved by mixing with a predetermined ratio of water. Finished with two coats of high gloss varnish, applied to seal for archival longevity and to protect against sun damage, markings and age.

All artwork is professionally framed using a locally sourced natural wood floating frame, in a blonde wood colour tone.