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Christmas Gift Guide



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Gift CardGift Card
Gift Card Sale priceFrom $50.00
Entanglement Candle / WhiteEntanglement Candle / White
Hubsch Clara Vase / GreenHubsch Clara Vase, 180904
Hubsch Clara Vase / Green Sale price$89.00
Sold outRustic Round Wooden Tray / SmallRustic Round Wooden Tray / Small
Sold outRustic Round Wooden Tray / LargeRustic Round Wooden Tray / Large
Sold outRustic Round Wooden Tray / MediumRustic Round Wooden Tray / Medium
My Mug Set 4 / LimestoneMy Mug Set 4 / Limestone
My Mug Set 4 / Limestone Sale price$89.00
Hug Mug Set 4 / Speckle WhiteHug Mug Set 4 / Speckle White
Stoneware Mug Ridges / Dark GreenStoneware Mug Ridges / Dark Green
Stoneware Mug Ridges / WhiteStoneware Mug Ridges / White
Resident DogResident Dog
Resident Dog Sale price$55.00
Restore Diffuser / Remana & Orange BlossomRestore Diffuser / Remana & Orange Blossom
Revive Hand Wash / Koromiko, Kiwifruit & LemongrassRevive Hand Wash / Koromiko, Kiwifruit & Lemongrass
Garden To Table Canisters Set Of 2 / WhiteGarden To Table Canisters Set Of 2 / White
Sold outRustic Ceramic Vase with HandlesRustic Ceramic Vase with Handles
Ceylon Large Handled Mug / WhiteCeylon Large Handled Mug / White
On sale Textured Vase / BlackTextured Vase / Black
Textured Vase / Black Sale price$38.50 Regular price$55.00
Hug Mug Set 4 / SmokeHug Mug Set 4 / Smoke
Hug Mug Set 4 / Smoke Sale price$79.00
Large Stoneware Vase / MossLarge Stoneware Vase / Moss
Large Stoneware Vase / Moss Sale price$290.00
Lone Pillar Candle / White
Rustic Square Wooden Tray / MediumRustic Square Wooden Tray / Medium
Restore Candle / Rēmana & Orange BlossomRestore Candle / Rēmana & Orange Blossom
On sale Textured Vase / NaturalTextured Vase / Natural
Textured Vase / Natural Sale price$38.50 Regular price$55.00
Stoneware Mug / Dark PowderStoneware Mug / Dark Powder
Louis Vase Large / WhiteLouis Vase Large / White
Louis Vase Large / White Sale price$55.00
Stoneware Vase With Handle / MossStoneware Vase With Handle / Moss
Revive Body Wash / Horopito, Cucumber & MintRevive Body Wash / Horopito, Cucumber & Mint
Ionic Copper Dry BrushIonic Copper Dry Brush
Ionic Copper Dry Brush Sale price$69.00
ALP Coffee TumblerALP Coffee Tumbler
ALP Coffee Tumbler Sale price$38.00
Ceylon Mug 2PK / WhiteCeylon Mug 2PK / White
Ceylon Mug 2PK / White Sale price$49.00
Heirloom Jug Tall / SnowHeirloom Jug Tall / Snow
Heirloom Jug Tall / Snow Sale price$125.00
Curate / Inspiration for an Individual HomeCurate / Inspiration for an Individual Home
On sale Burj Candle Holder / BrownBurj Candle Holder / Brown
Burj Candle Holder / Brown Sale price$17.50 Regular price$25.00
On sale Burj Candle Holder / GreyBurj Candle Holder / Grey
Burj Candle Holder / Grey Sale price$17.50 Regular price$25.00
Garden To Table Lemon Juicer / WhiteGarden To Table Lemon Juicer / White
Rustic Square Wooden Tray / SmallRustic Square Wooden Tray / Small
Revive Pet Wash / Manuka, Kawakawa & PalmarosaRevive Pet Wash / Manuka, Kawakawa & Palmarosa
On sale Toppu Vase High / White/BlackToppu Vase High / White/Black
Toppu Vase High / White/Black Sale price$124.90 Regular price$179.00
Palm Candle / White
Palm Candle / White Sale price$50.00
Hubsch Curve Vase / SandHubsch, 761404, Curve Vase
Hubsch Curve Vase / Sand Sale price$99.00
Madam Stoltz Terracotta Vase / BlackMadam Stoltz Terracotta Vase / Black
Sold outSahara VaseSahara Vase
Sahara Vase Sale price$55.00
Dobi VaseDobi Vase
Dobi Vase Sale price$55.00
Rest Bath Salts / Mamaku & LavenderRest Bath Salts / Mamaku & Lavender
Sold outSisal Basket Set Of 2 / NaturalSisal Basket Set Of 2 / Natural
Castiel CandleCastiel Candle
Castiel Candle Sale price$35.00
Glazed Stoneware MugGlazed Stoneware Mug
Glazed Stoneware Mug Sale price$19.95
Namib VaseNamib Vase
Namib Vase Sale price$69.00